Project Highlights

Why Haig-Brown matters more than ever – The 7th Annual Haig-Brown Lecture by Andrew Nikiforuk

Trails to the Shuswap, published in 1973

Trails to the Shuswap, second edition, published in 1975

Fisheries report provides useful information – This 208 page report by the Fraser Basin Council updates a previous report from 1997

Comprehensive Shuswap ethnology now availableThe most authoritative treatise every written about the Shuswap people is now available thanks in part to the Shuswap Watershed Project

Working towards a sustainable recreation planA SLIPP project to improve recreational management Shuswap, Mara, and Adams Lakes

Looking after our Shuswap watershed Shuswap residents can take pride in knowing that the protection of their watershed is continuing to improve thanks to the work of the Shuswap Lakes Integrated Planning Process (SLIPP).

Background Study –Full Version Adams River, British Columbia Proposed National Heritage River Nomination – 2006 report now online here

Monashee Park 50 years old –  Fifty years ago, Shuswap’s largest protected area, Monashee Provincial Park, was established thanks to the efforts of a number of local conservationists. Also, read the Peters Lake history and Monashee park history.

Spectacular images of the Shuswap by Clive Bryson

What makes the Shuswap unique?– A commentary on the Shuswap’s outstanding qualities that are some of the reasons why our region is so attractive to the boomer generation that is retiring here.

Census results for the Shuswap Watershed region – The Census results are in and the results show a remarkable drop in population for the rural areas, while the population has increased significantly in Salmon Arm and to a lesser degree in other smaller communities.

Shuswap salmon heroes –  “Salmon Hero” awards were presented to individuals in the Thompson region that have shown exceptional leadership in the field of salmon habitat stewardship

North Fork Wild– A Shuswap Passion column about the soon-to-be new CSRD park land along the Perry River donated by Peter Jennings

North Fork Wild report by Peter Jennings A detailed report about the many values of the property and the history of its protection.

North Fork Wild Map – A map of the property by Peter Jennings that shows the trails and other features.

New blog site begins for Shuswap Passion – Columns about Shuswap geography by Jim Cooperman with bonus material and extra features, see

Grant to help students learn about protection of the Shuswap Watershed

The Shuswap watershed will be getting a lot more attention in School District #83 and the community, thanks to a $5,000 grant from RBC.

New sub-drainage maps now online!
Topographic and satellite-based maps for each of the Shuswap sub-drainages available for free downloading.
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What drives the Shuswap economy?

New Shuswap trail opens high above Scotch Creek

The unfortunate environmental degradation of Fortune Creek

New section added on Shuswap history

Includes archival material and local history columns.

Securing a sustainable future for the Shuswap River

Sleuthing the sources of Shuswap Lake pollution

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